About Me

When I was young, I was addicted to science fictions, about robots, about the space. What seemed to be merely imagination now becomes very likely to appear in our life. And what makes it more exciting, I could also become part of what makes dream come true. This excitement makes me fansinated about machine learning and how it will reshape the world. My ultimate dream is to develop artificial intelligence that can learn, think, feel and have emotions.

With a few years of work experience as a programer, and a master degree in progress on statistics, I am on my way to my dream. I believe computing and statistics are the back bones of machine learning. Meanwhile, I write blogs along my learning journey, to share with people who share the same dream. The blogs also serve as my learning notes.

For the past 2 years, from various sources, I have learnt most of the classical machine learning models. I also have some exposure to deep learning. My shortest piece of the bucket is the lack of experience on real life projects. Welcome to contact me if you would like to participate competitions in Kaggle. We may team up and learn from each others. Or you have any machine learning / data scientist openings and feel that I may be a good candidate. Drop me an email at e0203616@u.nus.edu.